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Why a UPS Freight Truck Driver Lost Sleep and 30 Pounds
Nate Wick

If someone had asked me just three months ago if I’d like to achieve every professional goal I’ve set for myself, meet incredible people, and make new friends, and if I’d like to travel around the country and go to exciting events while promoting safety and the industry that I love, I’d say, “That sounds awesome! What’s the catch?”

Giving a three-minute speech to a panel of complete (and very attentive) strangers while standing in the middle of a large room was the catch, along with answering both personal and industry questions in front of the same panel while they fixated on me and tried to see my heart.

If none of those things makes you uneasy, you definitely have my respect, because that’s exactly what I and 18 other professional truck drivers had to do in order to be named to American Trucking Association’s 2013-2014 America’s Road Team.

I lost sleep and almost 30 pounds during the three months leading up to the final selection process. When my name was announced as one of the new road team members, I was barely able to stand. I couldn’t see anything as the tears welled up, and I collapsed back down in my seat, grabbed a napkin off the table to dry my eyes, and let the announcement sink in.

The same emotions came out again 16 days later when the Minnesota Trucking Association named me as Minnesota’s 2012 Truck Driver of the Year. Luckily, I had my wife with me to help keep me upright.

There are three things that helped me achieve both of these professional goals: my commitment to safety, my dedication to the trucking industry, and my belief in serving others. Over the course of my career, I’ve logged more than one million miles on the road without an accident. I’ve never wanted to be anywhere but behind the wheel of a truck, and I love sharing all of the great things about my profession with others. I also volunteer as an organizer of the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics and serve as a mentor with Trucker Buddy International.

I’m extremely honored to be the youngest person named to both of these elite groups of professionals, and I’m looking forward to representing UPS Freight and the trucking industry and promoting safety over the next two years.

Watch Nate talk about what he sees from the cab of his truck on WCCO 4 in Minneapolis.

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