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A Challenge for German Film Students: How Would You Animate Logistics?
Student Video Contest

What do an ancient marathoner, a cosmic urban hero, and a snorkeler all have in common? They’re all characters born from the minds of animation students for a contest on the theme of We Love Logistics.

UPS and the Film and Television University “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam-Babelsberg (HFF) – one of the premiere film universities in Germany – have teamed up for an animation competition based on UPS’s love for logistics. The task wasn’t to create a commercial – students were instead asked to produce a funny, emotional, creative, or surprising animated film that captured the essence and passion of logistics.

Following the submission of dozens of storyboards, three finalists were chosen by a jury of representatives from both the HFF and UPS. Voting is open through June 16, 2013 and the winning student will receive a cash prize of 2,000 EUR from UPS.

“We’re very impressed by the quality of the videos. Even the initial storyboards showed the creativity of HFF students. The production of the three finalists’ concepts has been very successful,” said Thomas Schlichting, external communications manager at UPS Germany. “We’re excited to find out which video will be most popular.”

The films are as diverse as they are impressive. Each makes an interesting twist on traditional conceptions of logistics:

Monira Kamal with Package Whispers

Package Whispers

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Almost everyone has played the children’s game “Telephone,” passing along a message by whispering it from ear to ear. It’s a well-known game around the world, but have you ever thought about how to play it globally? How do you overcome boundaries and long distances to keep playing, and how do you go from transferring messages to moving goods? Monira Kamal created this playful animated piece on how to communicate with people around the world and make logistics as easy as child’s play!

Vincenz Neuhaus with Up’s the Way

UPS the Way

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Packages come from all over, even from cosmic distances and supernatural sources. Vincenz Neuhaus sends the hero and his package on a fantastic adventure to the monstrous abyss of his soul. A venturesome chase finally gets him to higher spheres of transcendent self-awareness.

Laura Oechel with Unexpected Parcel Service

Unexpected Parce lService

Click image to view

As members of the council wait impatiently, a messenger faces the hazards of the ancient world to bring back his important news, dodging a fire-spewing monster, capricious gods, and a massive, hungry bird. Laura Oechel provides a playful and humourous view of the ancient world as one warrior struggles to bring his important message home and receives an unexpected visit from a UPS logistics hero.

Vote for your favorite, and see how animation brings out the spirit of logistics.

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  1. The technical quality of the animation is awesome!

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