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Three Secrets to Success from a New Jersey Small Business

It’s important to enjoy what you do for work, and if you can have fun while doing it – even better.  For Gail and Stacey Rogers, work is not only enjoyable, but it truly is fun. In fact, making sure others are having fun is in the job description!

The mother and daughter team own Toys with Love in Chester, New Jersey.  Says Gail, “It’s not just a place for parents and gift givers to shop; it’s a place for kids to come and have fun.” The store’s business is booming – later this year they plan to move to a larger location across the street to expand their product selection.

We asked Gail and Stacey to share a few secrets of their success:

  • Be personal: Gail and Stacey work hard to make sure their customers are comfortable and happy. They encourage kids to play in their store, and they make the shopping experience as fun and stress-free as possible for their customers.  “Stacey knows everyone’s name,” said Gail proudly. “Not just our adult customers, but their kids’ names as well. That goes a long way.”
  • Be competitive:  “Our customers appreciate our selection, and the service we provide, but for many, it still comes down to the bottom line,” said Stacey. “Our customers will shop around for the best prices, so it’s important for us to keep our prices in line with the competition.”
  • Be willing to ask for help: “I’ve been in business for 26 years, and I didn’t figure this out until last year. As a small business owner, it’s easy to think you need to do it all on your own,” said Gail. “But I learned that sometimes it’s easier – and less expensive – to outsource to the experts.”

The store has a big sale twice a year and they send out a postcard to advertise. When the vendor they relied on for the mailer went out of business, Gail and Stacey turned to their local The UPS Store for help. Not only was Don, the store’s owner, able to help, but he took on the whole project. “He worked very closely with us to make sure he delivered exactly what we needed – and he saved us money to boot! I only wish we started working with him sooner.”

We love hearing about our small business customers, and are proud when we hear we’ve helped in their success. Do you have a similar story? Let us know your secrets for success.

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  1. I am so proud of both of you. Life takes on a better meaning when joy can be brought in. I remember the grand opening in 1987 with me, you, my mom, your mom and dad, Kristin, Stacey. So much excitement. Love and wishes for 26 more.

  2. Nice story Brandon!

    • Thanks Vik! We’re always thrilled to share stories of how small business owners are succeeding with the help of their local The UPS Store.

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