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Good Hart General Store Serves up a Delicious Deal for National Pi Day
Pi Pie

Today (3.14) is National Pi Day! It’s a day to celebrate and discuss the mathematical constant and for many (especially my husband) to make lots of food-related puns.

Some may love math, but I love pie. Sweet or savory, I eat them all.  Devouring a homemade chicken pot pie for dinner might be my definition of comfort food. UPS small business customer Good Hart General Store knows all about delivering quality pot pies.

Carolyn Sutherland bought the Good Hart General Store in 1971, leaving metropolitan Detroit to experience the beauty of Northern Michigan. In 1986, Sutherland began selling her chicken pot pies locally. Twenty years later, a Detroit radio DJ, Jim Harper, raved about the store’s pot pies on the air. Overnight, the business changed. Phones started ringing off the hook, and the Good Hart General Store needed a plan to fill incoming pie orders throughout the country. So they sought advice from their long-time UPS driver, Jim Kinner.

With UPS’s help, Good Hart was able to start shipping pies nationally and have them arrive to customers within 48 hours. With Quantum View® Manage, the store can track deliveries to make sure they’re meeting customer expectations.

To keep their pot pie’s fresh, the 48-hour delivery window is critical to Good Hart’s success.  Last Christmas, the store received so many orders that they needed an extra delivery truck and two additional drivers.

While the Good Hart General Store’s story has more to do with the pie you eat than the pi you calculate, it wouldn’t be right to ignore the math completely. They’re offering a special promotion – buy six pot pies and receive one FREE!  Just email them here and type “UPS Pi Day” in the subject line. Offer valid now through March 31, 2013. Pot pies are available small or large, chicken or beef.

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  1. ups pi day

  2. This is a GREAT advertisement…and, if I was home…I would surely be submitting and order!!! p.s. I also know they are delicious!!!!~

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