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Are You a Control Freak? Get a Personal Assistant with UPS My Choice
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Two years ago, I was one of those people that only ordered online occasionally and when I did, it was only for those hard-to-find items. Now there is very little I won’t order online. The convenience of not having to deal with long lines, being able to shop whenever I want to, and being able to find the best deals has made online shopping my preferred method.

Industry reports project that the amount of money consumers will spend online over the next couple of years will continue to increase, so I’m not the only one switching my purchases over to online retailers.

In light of this trend, UPS created My Choice so that our customers had options when it came to home delivery. I’ve been a member for over a year now and can barely remember what it was like to track a package. When I order something and it’s coming to me via UPS, I just wait for the alert the day before my package is coming and most of the time it gives me a four hour delivery window!

UPS realizes that as the retail market continues to evolve, so must My Choice in order to meet the needs of our customers. We recently announced the ability to upgrade UPS SurePost packages to UPS Ground.  Consumers often receive SurePost packages (which utilize the United States Postal Service for the last leg of the delivery) when they select the economy level of shipping. Upgrading to UPS Ground means members will receive all the delivery alerts they are used to receiving, and they can use the features available with their membership, such as reroute or reschedule. And upgraded packages typically arrive one day earlier.

Sign up for My Choice and let UPS help you manage all your inbound deliveries!

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  1. How do you overcome the 1013 error when trying to register for UPS My Choice? I’ve been trying for months and have followed-up with customer service numerous times. There seems to be no solution. (I bought my new home 6+ months ago). Would love to take advantage of UPS My Choice to managed inbound deliveries, but I can’t even register. (FedEx had no problem validating). Please help!

    • Mark:

      Thanks for your feedback. We are constantly reviewing our registration process to find ways to improve the overall customer experience and to investigate alternative methods of identity verification. We take steps to verify the identity of anyone registering because My Choice enables you to make decisions about when and where packages are delivered. We want to make sure “you are who you say you are.”
      If you are having problems completing this process I would suggest ensuring that you are entering your name as it would appear on any legal documents.



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