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Small towns are built on small businesses

It’s no surprise that small towns and rural communities don’t have the same abundance of fast food restaurant choices, clothing stores, movie theaters and retail shopping as metropolitan areas in the United States. Although fewer resources are available in small towns, the needs are still very present. Just like any other person in the country, the residents of small towns and communities have responsibilities and tasks that need to get done, but for those small town residents it may be a bit more daunting to get errands done. The same can be said for small businesses in these rural areas; they often don’t have access to the resources needed to grow their businesses.

We know small towns are built on small business. So to better serve small business owners in all areas of the country, The UPS Store has introduced its new Main Street franchise model – designed to extend our small business support into small towns and rural communities within the U.S. The UPS Store now brings its expertise in small business services – like printing, packing and shipping – to small business owners in underserved communities.  The new The UPS Store franchise model makes it easier to support local business with services typically only found in larger cities. As part of the new The UPS Store franchise model, qualifying franchisees can save on franchise fees and other The UPS Store franchise costs compared to a traditional center.

In the past ten years, self-employment continues to rise, especially in rural areas and if current trends continue, one rural worker will be self-employed for every three wage-and salary workers by 2015*. With positive trends in rural small business, there is more reason than ever to expect a continued increase in self-employment and business startups in small towns. The UPS Store is here to support and is coming to a Main Street near you.

*Source: http://www.ruralsociology.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Rural-Realities-2-3.pdf

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