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Small Business Words of Wisdom from “The Toilet Paper Guy”

I recently chatted with Bryan Silverman, co-founder of Star Toilet Paper and winner of Entrepreneur magazine’s College Entrepreneur of 2012, to learn more about his business. Star Toilet Paper is unique – they print advertisements and coupons on a wide range of environmentally friendly toilet paper. Then they supply venues with this printed toilet paper, free of charge, by using the revenue from the advertising side of the company.

Q: What motivated you to start Star Toilet Paper?

A: My brother came to me with this idea after we saw a gap in a number of areas. First of all, toilet paper is a necessity for any public venue with a bathroom. Not only is our toilet paper free of charge for the public venues using it, but it is made from 100% recycled materials, helping to take away from the 15% of deforestation that is a result of toilet paper production using virgin pulp. Second, we are always looking for a unique way to reach our target audience in a captive manner. Finally, everyone wants to read when they are in the bathroom!

Q: What has been the greatest benefit to you starting Star Toilet Paper?

A: The ability to connect with people in a meaningful manner. I am able to take a passion of mine and utilize it in a manner that helps me connect with other passionate people in their fields. I am able to learn about topics I never thought I would have been able to before. And I know a lot about toilet paper!

Q: So what’s next for you and Star Toilet Paper?

A: A toilet paper empire! Star Toilet Paper will soon be coming to a venue near you! We look to be in every public venue across America.

As Bryan continues to grow his business, he relies on his local The UPS Store in Durham, NC to help him pack and ship samples to interested ad agencies and venues.

“One thing that I have always found at The UPS Store is the helpful nature of the employees,” Bryan said. “They know how to help small businesses. They know logistics. They know what we don’t about this side of the business. … [The] help and advice that the UPS Store employees and franchise owners offer help propel a small business to the next level.”

So, next time you use the restroom, as Bryan puts it, “Don’t rush! Look before you flush.” Hear more about Bryan Silverman and Star Toilet Paper below:

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