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Happy One Year anniversary to the Halifax Centre!
Halifax anniversary

In 2012, we celebrated eight groundbreaking accomplishments.  UPS Canada opened eight logistics centres across the Atlantic Canada region.  Now our brown package cars have become a familiar presence and share the roads with our fellow east coasters.  Thank you for welcoming us to your neighbourhood!

Yesterday, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the 50,000 square foot logistics centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The decision to open this location was made with the realization that Halifax is a key access point to other major supply chain networks both locally and globally.  Have a read here on what our Director of Atlantic Canada Operations, Shelley Gares had to say about ‘Why Halifax?’

Halifax anniversary

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Not only did we celebrate the anniversary of the opening but we also commemorated all those involved in making the first year in Halifax a great success.  The employees at the centre had a humble celebration with food and a BIG cake while honouring all the drivers for a year of safe driving!

Here’s to many more years of success and safety!

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