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It’s Day 1 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Siri, an inspiring young entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area.

At 23 years old, Siri Casper couldn’t imagine working as hard as she could for someone else’s dream. If Siri was going to give 100% of her time, energy and passion, it was going to be for a legacy she would create.

After working a few dead end jobs and going to school for something she wasn’t passionate about, Siri realized that in order to have the success she craved, she would have to start her own business. Alta Moda Boutique, an all inclusive online shopping destination for women between the ages of 18 and 50, was created less than a year ago.  Inspired by Siri’s love for styling looks and passion for the art of putting an outfit together, Siri took the leap and started the online retail site.

The country is full of aspiring restaurateurs, fashionistas and retailersIn a recent study by The UPS Store, survey respondents said if they were to open a business today, the majority dream of opening a restaurant (18%). Clothing/apparel/accessories (7%) and other retail businesses (8%) were the other two types of businesses reported in the survey.

As a new and young entrepreneur, Siri says, “I am my own limit when I have my own business and I get out of it as much as I put in. I now truly have the freedom to set my limits, build my own opportunities to be a successful small business owner.”

Alta Moda BoutiqueAs a young business owner Siri encountered many struggles and obstacles. The UPS store in Burlingame, CA, has helped streamline various aspects of her business. Being young and acquiring little startup capitals means Siri can utilize The UPS Store beyond shipping and mailing purposes; with the small business solutions she creates marketing campaigns and materials, uses the store for faxing, scanning, photocopying, printing and handling important documents to her business and essentially entrusts this location to be a centralized part of the business both on the frontline and the backend.

We asked Siri what her one piece of advice to small business owners would be, and here’s what she shared:

“You will hear more negative, misleading, discouraging advice then that of positive, supportive words. While you should listen to both, never act on the negative by itself. Your own efforts will be the deciding factor in success or failure and it never matters what anyone else thinks. Take lessons from other people’s experience and what they have to offer and apply it to better your business module and do the best you can.”

What’s next for this young entrepreneur just starting out? Siri plans to continue to provide Alta Moda Boutique customers with new fashion forward accessories and clothing that can be described as modern elegance with a touch of timelessness. Siri plans to grow her new styling service and private home viewings in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond! Be on the lookout for this young fashionista and her styles!

For more information on Alta Moda Boutique, visit www.altamodaboutique.com.

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