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Extreme Logistics: UPS Delivers Influenza Vaccine to Laos
Healthcare logistics

Recently, UPS partnered with bioCSL, based in Australia, Laos Ministry of Health, and others to deliver nearly 100,000 doses of flu vaccine to Laos, where flu season was fast-approaching. The Laos Ministry of Health administered the flu vaccine to people at high risk of flu-related complications including pregnant women and people over fifty. Laos is not only extremely remote, but the flu vaccines must be kept within a strict temperature range throughout transport of 2°- 8° C.

Last year, we completed a similar move of influenza vaccine to Laos, where, as part of Laos’ first-ever seasonal flu vaccination campaign, 90 percent of the vaccine was administered by in-country teams to target populations over the course of just two weeks. Over the past few years, Laos Ministry of Health had worked closely with U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization to develop capacity to manage a seasonal influenza vaccination program.

The Laos 2013 move represents a true healthcare logistics feat. This move was possible due to UPS Temperature True ® air freight service, which uses our network of global control towers and provides around-the-clock temperature monitoring, allowing for intervention in the event of a temperature excursion. The temperature-sensitive vaccines were transported utilizing eight innovative PharmaPort 360 air freight containers specially designed to protect temperature-sensitive healthcare products. Doses of flu vaccine traveled in two separate shipments over 4,700 miles, all the while maintaining a constant temperature range and within three days.

See how we help get the flu vaccine to pregnant women in Laos, like Alani, who is featured in this animated video.

Remember the move from last year? Check it out in this video.

Want to learn more about temperature-sensitive technology at UPS?

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  1. Transporting healthcare products such as vaccination is a very delicate job and can safely be done by a trusted company such Ups. Keeping the vaccination in the right temperature at all time is a must, especially for healthcare goods.

    I know that pregnant women and elderly people are at most risk but the vaccine can also be useful for people who suffer from chronic illnesses such as asthma.

    There are some other healthcare logistics companies like Igloo Thermo Logistics, which transports medicines but only in the UK and maybe Europe. Ups seem to be the company for this job, which as you mentioned also successfully, did the same thing transporting influenza to Laos year ago.

    • Thank you, Shane. We are very proud of our growing global network as it is how we are able to deliver to patients all over the world, including in remote locations like Laos. We took on this feat last year and jumped at the chance to do it again. Thank you, again, for reading!

  2. I want to write more about this initiative by UPS in UBM’s blog (Medical Packaging Innovation site). Will you give me details abou the packaging done in this program

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