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One Part Know-How, Three Parts Passion – A Recipe for Small Business
Original Nutrionals

It’s Day 5 of National Small Business Week, and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Logan Gelbrich and Chris Coscino, the inspiring young entrepreneurs behind Original Nutritionals from Laguna Beach, Calif.

As a pro ball player, Logan learned to eat with purpose, and he quickly began to see a gap between athletic performance and the public perception of supplements. On the one hand, athletes were hearing “eat real foods” from their trainers, and on the other hand, the public was hearing something different.

When Logan’s professional baseball career ended in 2009, he became a trainer and gym owner, quickly joining the CrossFit movement.

Meanwhile, Chris, a lifelong athlete and second-generation nutritionist, was busy working in the nutrition and supplements industry. Their paths crossed when Logan began training Chris’ kids. They began talking about eating and training better.

One day, Chris noticed an Omega 3 supplement at the gym, and, in seeing the momentum of the CrossFit movement, quickly saw an opportunity. He thought, “Someone needs to start marketing this in the nutrition world.” Chris had the know-how. All he needed was someone with the passion and skills to take it forward, and Logan was that person.

Original NutritionalsLogan and Chris call Original Nutritionals the “anti-supplement” company, stressing original nutrient-rich food first, followed by “fish oil” based supplements.

In launching Original Nutritionals, they felt they were answering a call to help others achieve the performance and lifestyle they deserved. “We felt that no one is doing it because we’re supposed to do it,” Chris says. “We’re really a lifestyle company. We want people to get outside and do something. So we started the brand with the ethos in mind that it’s a lifestyle.”

They say the most satisfying thing about starting their business has been doing something they really believe in and that will benefit those around them. “If we aren’t doing what you really believe in, then we’re missing the boat,” Logan says.

Their desire to pursue their passion is consistent with the results of a recent survey by The UPS Store. The study found that one in four small business owners said an internal, personal desire is what ultimately inspired them to take the leap of faith and start their own business. And one of the most common reasons people dream of starting a business is to pursue a personal passion (60 percent of Americans).

Mark and Terry Meisberger, local UPS Store franchise owners, have supported the two entrepreneurs since the beginning. As Mark listened to them talk about their distribution challenges, together, they developed a solution to handle their fulfillment needs for their products. The product is warehoused at The UPS Store, and Chris or Logan simply email the packing slips to The UPS Store, and Mark and his staff take care of the rest.

“We’ve developed a great level of trust with Mark and Terry,” Chris says. “Without them, we wouldn’t know who to trust with that part of the business.”

Aside from packing and shipping, Mark and Terry show their support by spreading the word around town, wearing Original Nutritionals shirts and hats.

So what’s next for Original Nutritionals? “We have a big year ahead of us – with new products, touching more people, and turning people’s attention to Omega3,” Chris says.

For more information on Original Nutritionals, visit www.originalnutritionals.com.

Follow Original Nutritionals on Facebook, Twitter and its blog.

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