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Persistence and Patience Leads to success for our Hat Lady
Hat Lady

Even though Small Business Week is ending, we’re still celebrating by sharing stories of small business owners! Today, we meet Lisa Battaglia, the hat lady. Lisa designs hats that reinterpret vintage aesthetics to live in the modern world.

Lisa knew in college that she wanted to be a business owner; she saw a niche in the marketplace for hats and had an instinct that hats would return as a part of fashion.

As a small business owner, Lisa can see all the hard work she has done over the years and the baby steps that were taken to see some real growth over time.  In the world of fashion, some of the biggest obstacles she faced were getting people to know who she was and having her hats seen by editors of magazines and buyers to create awareness of her products.

Hat LadyAccording to a recent small business study by The UPS Store, when it came to starting their own business, small business owners said the most common obstacle they experienced when deciding to start a business was the fear of the business failing (36%), not having all of the business knowledge needed (29%), and too much competition and other businesses like it (24%). Luckily, for Lisa, her greatest obstacle was overcome by being persistent right from the start.

The most difficult part of starting her own business was being patient and waiting for people to take notice of her product. Six years later, Lisa’s hats have been recognized by fashion magazines and worn by multiple celebrities.

When the online orders started to arrive, Lisa headed to The UPS Store in South Orange, New Jersey to assist with her shipping needs. Hats come in various sizes and in order for them not to be damaged upon arrival to the new hat owner, The UPS Store introduced a new concept of shipping for Lisa so that every customer would receive their hats in great shape with brims held up right and padding to protect the hat shape.

Hat LadyLisa gets to do something she is passionate about every day. She loves fashion from the 20s, 30s and 40s and saw the movement in style from these eras and brought the past styles to present day fashion with her hats.

For more information on Lisa Battaglia, visit www.lisabattaglia.com.

Follow Lisa Battaglia on Facebook and Twitter.

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