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Two Sisters Left Corporate America and took the Leap of Faith
Quail Valley Pharmacy

We wrap up our celebration of Small Business Week by sharing one more small business story! Meet Vanese and Vikki, two sisters that took the leap of faith and left corporate America to start their own business.

Vanese wasn’t happy at her job and decided to do something different. Having a specific degree, Vanese knew she had to stay within the pharmaceutical industry, which led her and her sister to open an independent neighborhood pharmacy in Missouri City, Texas.

Making the decision to open a business wasn’t hard for Vanese; she knew she wasn’t happy, she knew her expertise, and she knew she wanted to do something different. Vanese discussed the idea with her sister for less than a week and then the two decided to start a business. The length of time it took the two to decide on starting their business is consistent with the majority of small business owners. A recent study by The UPS Store revealed that small business owners are split on how long it took them to finally take the leap. Fifty-one percent dreamt of starting their own business for two years or less before taking the leap to start it. However, 31% spent at least five years dreaming about owning their own business before they opened it.

After discussing the potential business idea with a pharmacist friend, Quail Valley Pharmacy, a small neighborhood and independent pharmacy that offers personalized service to each of its customers, came to life in October 2010. Employing a total of three people, including the sisters, the pharmacy is doing well. Vanese is the licensed Pharmacist in charge and is available for free patient consultations and detailed information about their prescribed medication.

Going into business, Vanese and Vikki say they didn’t realize the business impact until a few months after opening. They came to the realization that this business is a real thing and it was time to live through it. During the first few months of business, the two sisters really put their own lives in the business in order to live. They had support through family and friends, but the two sisters had to work hard, and live and breathe the business in order for it to be successful.

At the beginning, Vanese and Vikki were at The UPS Store at Shadow Creek in Pearland, Texas, almost every day. Leanne Alvarez, the owner of The UPS Store in Pearland and former sorority sister of Vanese, was able to help with their starting small business needs by shipping deliveries in the area and printing flyers, banners, brochures and business cards.

At the moment, the sisters are currently brainstorming business ideas and would like to start a new business venture together in the near future. Small business advice from Vanese and Vikki: be ready to work hard, be ready to pray a lot. It is not easy. Everything falls on you, but it is doable.

For more information on Quail Valley Pharmacy, visit www.quailvalleypharmacy.com.

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