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Saving time and money just got easier with the New UPS Hundredweight Service Rating Tool
UPS Hundredweight rate tool

Are you shipping multiple packages to the same address on the same day?  Are you tired of being charged for lift-gate and inside delivery? Are you looking for a non-palletized guaranteed solution with minimized fuel and additional surcharges?  What about greater shipment integrity?  Does saving 20% on your bottom line peak your interest?

If so, there is a solution for you with the UPS Hundredweight (CWT) Service.  This contractual service offers customers the ability to ship 100-500 lbs. multi-piece shipments to a single address on the same day at a significant cost saving over LTL rates.  Additionally, you can leverage UPS package service features like guaranteed on-time delivery, up to 3 delivery attempts, and individual package or shipment level tracking at no additional charge.

As a product analyst, I noticed a growing concern among my LTL customers [over the years] when it came to shipment integrity, reliability, service quality and increasing accessorial charges for freight shipments.  UPS CWT offers the best of the freight and package worlds with fuel surcharges based on package rates and total savings of up to 20% off of LTL rates.

Now that we have talked about saving you money, let’s talk about saving you time.  Introducing the New UPS CWT Rating Tool – the perfect complement to the service!  Available on July 8, 2013, the new tool will make rating your freight shipments as easy as 1-2-3 and allow customers to access their rates online 24/7.  Additionally, you will have the ability to:

  • Rate shipments using the customer’s negotiated rates or published rates
  • Process shipments directly from the tool using UPS Internet Shipping
  • Access current fuel surcharge rates
  • Add or remove Additional Services charges when comparing rates
  • See updated 2013 rates for shipments within the U.S. 50 states and to Puerto Rico

The convenience of having your contracted rates and current fuel surcharge rates at your fingertips will help you quickly and accurately rate multiple shipments saving you valuable time.

Learn more about the UPS Hundredweight Service and the new rating tool via ups.com or by simply talking to your UPS account representative for more details.  Get started today and experience savings for you and your customers!

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