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Footprints on the Moon
Deshawn Adams

“In the world, you may just be one person, but to one person (or one company) you may be the world.”

My name is Deshawn Adams, and I’m currently serving as a Sales Intern here in Atlanta. I am a rising junior at Morehouse College and have had the honor of being selected to serve as a UPS Community Service Scholar in conjunction with Morehouse College, Fickett Elementary School, and the UPS Foundation. As part of this important program, I have already completed more than 300 service hours.  I understand that one of UPS’ missions is to grow its business not only by investing in the company, but also by investing in people and communities where they conduct business.  While my experience as a scholar afforded me the opportunity to witness and participate in UPS’ philanthropic outreach, my current experience is allowing me to gain a better understanding of the business that permits this corporate culture of giving.

It is vital that I find a career in which I can be creative, work as a team player, and contribute to success that can be valued and measured. As a Secondary Education and English major, I aspire to use my skills and talents in the classroom where I can help shape young minds.  I believe it is imperative that everyone, no matter the career path, develop skills and experience in business. With that being said; my internship in the sales department has offered me tools to build upon the foundation my interests and education has already laid. The parallel I draw between sales and my intended career path may be a different perspective than what many might consider.

In a classroom, it is the teacher’s responsibility to sell the material. A teacher and a good salesman must employ empathy and a need to conquer. Empathy is important because teachers and salesmen alike must be able to sense the reactions of customers and students in order to make the appropriate adjustments for the  “sale”. Teachers must tailor their lesson plans to meet the needs of all their students, just as a salesmen must consider meeting the needs of all their customers. Selling, whether by teachers or by salesmen, is not motivated merely by the prospect of financial gain; both professionals must possess a particular drive to succeed.

I came to UPS with the goal of being challenged, and I have found that my expectations were exceeded by the opportunities for growth presented to me. Soon, I realized that many UPSers share that same goal. Worldwide, UPS is a company that when faced with a challenge, delivers ingenuity at its best.

As my ten-week program concludes, I now understand how important it is to be willing to grow, adapt, stretch, and compete. Jim Casey said it best, “We need people that can do what has never been done.” With UPS, the sky is no longer the limit. Clearly, there are footprints on the moon!

UPSers worldwide are continuing Jim Casey’s legacy by delivering, figuratively and literally, what the world needs.

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  1. Deshawn, it has been an honor and a pleasure to get to know you over the past ten weeks and I am particularly proud that UPS attracts individuals such as yourself who understand the true nature of success. You are and will continue to be a successful, talented, valuable member of what some would regard a failing society. I feel confident in the future knowing that people like you will be our nation’s leaders. You have beautifully articulated the kind of environment this planet needs to transform itself into the healthy, nurturing, compassionate, wholesome world God desires it to be. Thank you for the difference you have brought to UPS.

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