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UPS CEO on Economic Headwinds
Scott Davis on Fox Business

UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis spoke with FOX Business on the state of the U.S. economy and company growth.

In the interview, reporter Andy Shapiro asked Scott, “In regards to the economy, what would you say to the president?”

Scott answered by saying, “What the president and Congress need to do is to make some decisions. We’ve sat here for a couple years having no decisions to speak of. There are lots of energy policies, tax policies, the debt issue. We’ve got to resolve these issues. You can’t say it is all the administration’s fault or Congress’s fault. They have to compromise and make decisions.”

Scott also praised the recent proposal from President Obama to lower the corporate tax rate, saying the 35% rate is not competitive for U.S. companies.

Later in the interview, the subject turned from the economy to UPS’s announcement that The UPS Store would start offering 3D printing in stores across the country.

Adam asked Scott if the future would be walking up to The UPS Store 20 years from now with a blueprint downloaded from the internet and walking out of the store with a physical item?

Scott replied by saying that  “It’s understanding customers, small-business, home offices – we ask what do you need? A lot of them come back to say ‘we would love a 3D printer because we don’t have capital to invest in this ourselves. If you do that we can have models for our customers.’ It’s us saying, what do our customers want, and let’s stay a step ahead of our customers.”

You can watch the full interview on Fox Business.

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