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I admire all of the inventors in the world. Ideas seem to just flow effortlessly into their brains. The problem for many of these inventors, however, is that they’re just ideas. Many of them never do anything with their ideas, and, ultimately, they see their dreams slip through their fingers as someone else takes their idea and makes it a reality.

There are so many inventors out there. Without the proper resources (i.e., capital), it’s difficult for them to achieve their full potential. One thing inventors lack is the know-how to take their idea from concept to creation.

What does it take to bring your ideas to light? First, you need to take your idea and transform it into a 3D model that can be manufactured.

New products typically go through a lot of testing, retooling and redesigning before they actually make it to market. The cost of testing, redesigning and manufacturing can add up – a major problem for a would-be inventor with limited financial resources.

But today, with the help of 3D printing, materializing your ideas is easier than ever. Much has been said lately about 3D printing – both good and bad. One thing’s certain: 3D printing has taken the “would-be” out of “inventor.” Ideas no longer remain as lifeless doodles or sketches on a paper. They can be brought to life – designed and manufactured – right before your eyes.

There are a lot of 3D printing options in the market today. For example, you can buy your own and do it yourself. The cost of a printer ranges – the cheaper the printer, the less precise it may be. Or, you can have someone else print it for you.

Last week, The UPS Store announced it is the first nationwide retailer to test 3D printing services in-store. For its test, The UPS Store is using the Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printer, known for its ability to print detailed objects more accurately than home 3D printers. Approximately six The UPS Store locations will be offering the services, beginning with the first test location in San Diego. The second test location will be in Washington D.C., with the remaining four in other parts of the country (locations yet to be announced).

By offering 3D printing capabilities in-store, The UPS Store is able to help further support start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

What’s your next big idea? Comment below.

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  1. Great post Brandon! Very creative and well-written…and VERY true!

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