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Eliminate the Hassle of Back-to-School Shopping with School Tool Box
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Back-to-school signage line the halls and walls of retail stores, reminding children that summer is almost over and parents that they need to fill the supply lists provided by their kids’ schools. Finding everything can be a hassle – long lines, multiple shopping trips, hard-to-find products, etc.

UPS Small Business customer School Tool Box offers a convenient, consistent, cost-saving alternative that provides parents with the supplies they need without the aggravations. For more than 10 years, School Tool Box has been delivering pre-packaged school supply kits built from teachers’ lists directly to their respective schools. In 2011, the company kicked off its “Ship-to-Home” program, making it even easier for families to get the supplies they need by delivering it right to their front doors.

Now busy parents can simply go to the School Tool Box website to get the supplies their kids need for the classroom. Each year, School Tool Box receives thousands of supply lists from Parent Teacher Associations, and parents can even submit new lists to take advantage of this innovative service. From these lists, School Tool Box will compile the supplies and ship them in one kit.

“By assembling and shipping supply kits directly to consumers, we offer even more convenience and flexibility for busy parents,” said School Tool Box Chief Executive Officer Doug Stice. “Our kits can be customized so if a list calls for a product parents already have, they can remove it from the kit and avoid wasting money on unnecessary supplies.”

Because teachers and businesses don’t necessarily communicate about what items are on the supply lists, parents can’t always find the products they need. Instead of going from store to store, families can get everything they need delivered to their homes (via UPS of course!) from School Tool Box.

“Supply lists can be vague, and it’s important to understand what preparation expectations teachers have for new students,” said Stice. “Our expertise lets parents rest assured that their children will be headed back to school equipped for success.”

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