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UPS survey: Healthcare logistics executives build regulatory compliance competencies in Western Europe

UPS recently launched our 6th annual UPS Pain in the (Supply) Chain survey, which takes the pulse of healthcare logistics executives around the world on their top business and supply chain concerns and “pain points,” successful strategies they have put in place to address issues and future investment plans.

This post focuses on top findings in Western Europe, where executives are seeing success in strategies they have put in place to address regulatory compliance issues and are planning further investments, even in a difficult economic environment.

While regulatory compliance is still the top supply chain concern in Western Europe and increasing regulations leads the list of business concerns in the region, executives there are seeing more success in addressing compliance issues than their counterparts in North America. In fact, 61 percent of those surveyed in Western Europe have seen success in addressing regulatory compliance challenges. The high degree of success around compliance challenges in the region is likely due to a long history of robust regulation in Europe, which has led healthcare executives to develop best practices over time.

Among the successful strategies put in place, 67 percent have invested in IT such as barcoding and serialization or e-pedigree technologies to overcome compliance challenges while 55 percent have partnered with local distribution firms and 52 percent have increased their regulatory staff and expertise. Another 41 percent have hired regulatory consultants. Of those who saw progress in handling compliance, many executives also cited enhanced partnerships with third-party logistics and distributions firms.

With successful strategies in place to address regulatory compliance, healthcare logistics leaders in Western Europe are now focused on strategies for addressing other challenges such as product protection, including both product security and product damage and spoilage. From a future supply chain investment standpoint, a focus on technology investment, global market expansion and leveraging new distribution channels and models top the list of future plans.

To learn more about regulatory compliance challenges and competencies in Western Europe, click and view this video.

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