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Connecting with small businesses keeps Flying Connected in business
Flying Connected

Small Business Saturday, founded by American Express in 2010, is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. Small Business Saturday is about more than just a single day. It’s a movement. Help us celebrate and support small business in our community and SHOP SMALL all month long.

In celebration of the Shop Small Movement, we’re shining the spotlight on our small business customers all month long. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Flying Connected, an iPad rental company based in New York City. The eight-person company has been featured in national media and counts plenty of big-name businesses and organizations in its client roster, but founder Zalmy Raskin remains committed to the belief that there are big benefits to being small.

Tell me about your business. 

We rent iPads so companies and organizations that have a short-term need for them – whether that’s a trade show, a store opening, or even a business trip or meeting. We offer fully connected iPads, and install apps, videos and slideshows for our customers. We also lease iPads to those who need them for longer terms.

The majority of our customers are local – about 90 percent. While we may not be a traditional “Mom and Pop” business, we do maintain a brick and mortar location in an office building. Most of our customers prefer to meet with us face to face. In business, personal relationships are so important.

Tell me more about these relationships.

We enjoy meeting with our customers, and they enjoy meeting with us – we learn from them, and vice versa. We often work together to come up with creative solutions for their needs. As we learn more about how they’re using the iPads, we discover new ideas that we can share with other customers. It’s a win-win for everyone. I recently heard that in business, it’s not price that’s most important – it’s the connections. It’s about trust, experience, and customer service. That’s where repeat business comes from.

We offer the best service. We know the best apps, we can replace a tablet quickly if there’s an issue. We offer stellar service. And we’re local. Connections are made when people can meet in person, shake hands, and talk about what they do. Everyone likes to talk about what they do.

Do you shop small in your neighborhood?

Absolutely. I shop small for myself, and I shop small for the business. When we need to service the iPads, we use a local store, a few blocks away. We patronize the local hardware store when we need supplies. Small businesses have a unique relationship with other small businesses. We’re all more willing and flexible to work together. It’s easier to build a relationship when you’re working with a small business. When you shop at a big business, you rarely talk to the person who can help. With a small business, we can make a real connection.

We do have big customers, but we often get requests from businesses that are just starting up. We have a unique understanding of their challenges, and the support they need. They appreciate that we’re small and approachable.

What UPS Store services do you use?

We ship large orders, and work with our local The UPS Store to pack, and ship the iPads, taking advantage of their great Pack and Ship Guarantee. Our office space is small – we don’t have room to store all the packing materials we’d need. Plus, we have a small staff, and we just don’t have time to do the packing and shipping ourselves. In small business, time is money. Plus, the team at The UPS Store are pros. And I’d rather leave the packing and shipping to the pros!

Take the UPS Store Shop Small Challenge this November. Share your shop small experience socially using the #iheartsmallbiz hashtag.

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