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Living the Dream with Living Dreams Clothing
Living Dreams

As part of our series of blog posts leading up to small business Saturday, we’re shining the spotlight on Michael Poulos, owner of Living Dreams, in Scottsdale, AZ. After Michael recently returned from traveling around California and the Pacific Northwest promoting Living Dreams, he sat down to discuss the importance of supporting local small businesses.

Tell me about your business?

I founded a beach lifestyle clothing label in 2011. We make t-shirts, hats and fun casual apparel sold online and at local boutiques. The idea behind the name, Living Dreams, is to encourage others to follow their passion in life and do what they love.

I come from a line of entrepreneurs. I’ve been enthusiastic about fashion since my high school screen printing class, so I decided to give business a shot.

What services do you regularly use at The UPS Store?

I use The UPS Store for printing services, such as cardstock color printing for my product line sheets. I’ve also created look books for my collection using the store’s services.

The UPS store is located in my neighborhood, and I’ve been working with the same owner there for 10 years. Once during Phoenix Fashion Week, I got caught in a bind last minute and needed more look books, sales sheets and spiral bound photos…and they all needed to be printed in about two hours.

The owner of the store was on hand to personally make sure my work was done in time. I was so grateful, because I didn’t have anyone else to turn to! Even when your budget isn’t big, The UPS Store can help make things in small quantities that still look professional.

Why is shopping small important to you?

I strongly believe it is good business to support people that support you back. The advantages of shopping small can be seen on the main streets of America and spending your money locally can have a positive impact on the local community.

I shop local whenever I have the opportunity to! I especially try to shop for clothes at the local boutiques where my products are carried.

What advice do you have for small businesses?

Your direct contact with the customer is number one asset you have, and it is important to create a memorable experience, and to not rely on others to translate your message. Set outcomes instead of goals and constantly keep moving forward.

Small Business Saturday is about more than just a single day.   It’s a movement.  Help us celebrate and support small business in our community. Take the UPS Store Shop Small Challenge this November. Share your shop small experience socially using the #iheartsmallbiz hashtag.

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