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From Small business owners: Why it’s important to shop small
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We’ve been posting about it for weeks, and Small Business Saturday is here! Whether you still have a list of people to shop for, or simply want to treat yourself today, it’s a great time to shop small. Whether you patronize your local clothing boutique, the neighborhood toy store, or even the corner coffee shop, shopping small means supporting business owners in your own neighborhood, and helping your community thrive.

Here at The UPS Store, we love our small business customers, and work closely with them to ensure we understand their challenges, goals, and to find out what they think about small business. In fact, we host a private online community of small business owners – The Small Biz Buzz – where we ask for feedback about products and services, offer access to exclusive content, speakers and products. We also use it to get to learn more about our customers.

We recently asked the business owners in our community why it’s important to shop small. Here are just a handful of their responses:

“Small business is the backbone of our community!”

“Smaller businesses are always more interesting and willing to listen to suggestions from customers.”

“By shopping locally and at small business I am helping to keep the local economy stable.”

“Small local businesses give you a personal touch and great service – I think that is dying away in our retail world – I own a small local business and like to support others.”

“It makes a huge city feel like a small town.  It is a way of investing in your own community.”

“It encourages variety, individuality and friendliness in our town.”

“Besides supporting my neighbors, I believe the level of service is far superior in small locally owned businesses.  The passion shows.”

Whatever your reason we hope you’ll consider shopping small today, and supporting the businesses in your neighborhood.

Planning to shop small? Post a response, and tell us about it!  And, if you’re interested in joining our Small Biz Buzz private online community, click here


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