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Third Generation Business Built on Mentoring

This year marks the second annual National Mentoring Month, as proclaimed by President Barack Obama. The month was created to highlight the importance of mentoring and the positive impact it can have on youth. However, recent research has shown that mentorship can also play a role in the success of small business owners.

Starting a business can be challenging and oftentimes a new business owner may not know all the answers. For a small business owner, a close mentoring relationship provides the benefit of having a different experience or knowledge base to draw from. Mentors can help look at problems and situations from different perspectives and have expertise that can provide insight to people just starting out.

John Davila, third generation architect and founder and CEO of LBCT Architectural Engineering and Design, learned everything he knows about architecture from his mentor.

In 1919, John’s grandfather started an architecture business in Scotland. He mentored his son, John’s father, grooming him to take over the business. John’s father passed that same knowledge on to John when his time came.

“My father is my mentor, I took the knowledge from him to create my own business that incorporated some of his principles with my business goals,” said Davila. “Having a mentor helped me with questions I had and helped prepare me for obstacles I faced as a small business owner.”

According to a recent study* by The UPS Store, over 20% of mentors are family members. John’s best advice he received from his father was to ‘keep your foundation, but adapt,’ and that is what John did, he took the company and merged his interests and passions into the business, John’s being his pets and the environment.

lbctarchJohn is an environmentally friendly, green architectural designer and engineer that specialize in buildings that blend into the natural surroundings of an area. John utilizes solar energy and self contained eco-environments into his buildings. Once taking over the family business, John also changed the name to LBCT which is the first initials of his pet’s names Loki, Bella, Cricket and Teacup. John enjoys being a small business owner because it gives him the time and opportunity to make his own schedule and focus on his hobbies and his pets.

Just like his father John has found great joy in mentoring, John is currently mentoring a past client’s daughter who has interest in entering the architect and design industry. John knows the importance of being educated in the field you are hoping to turn into a career and feels that a mentor’s experience is extremely helpful when making the transition of opening a business.

Celebrate National Mentoring Month this month and join John and others like him in becoming a mentor. Every year, SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to small business education and mentorship, helps thousands of entrepreneurs start small businesses and achieve new levels of success in their existing businesses. Volunteering with SCORE is a way to give back to your community, connect with fellow business owners, and pass on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs in your community.

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