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Jim Barber, President of UPS International, Talks Global Trade at the Discover Global Markets Conference

Jim Barber, the president of UPS International, was the keynote speaker at the Discover Global Markets conference (sponsored by the U.S. Commercial Service of the Department of Commerce) on June 3 in Los Angeles. Barber’s remarks focused on ways to overcome obstacles that often stand in the way of small- to mid-sized businesses that want to grow their companies through exporting.

Barber cited a local company, Medelita, which makes professional-grade lab coats for the healthcare industry, as an example of companies that are often frustrated by the tariffs, customs regulations and documentation requirements when trying to export.

“There’s a lot of incremental opportunity out there. But many small-to mid-sized retailers are having a hard time capitalizing,” Barber said. “The problem is that often it’s not all that easy to ship their goods outside the U.S.

“But what I want to emphasize is that exporting is worth it,” Barber continued. “That trade is good for your business and for the U.S. And that exporting success is well within your reach.”

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