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You’re probably familiar with our delivery drivers and their brown trucks, but you may not know our pilots, our package handlers or any of the other 408,000 UPS employees who work hard to deliver more than 15 million packages every day, manage supply chains and move heavy freight. From the software designers who create our leading-edge technological solutions to our meteorologists who always have their eye on the weather, we have many stories to tell.

We also intend to use our blog to keep you informed about topics and issues that are important to all our stakeholders—our employees, our customers, our shareowners and the communities we serve. As you’ll see, UPS is much more than just a package delivery company.

Thanks for reading and please come back and visit with us often.

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Likewise, if you’re a UPS employee and you have a work-related issue, contact the UPS Employee Helpline at 1-800-220-4126.