Canadian SMEs Remain Skeptical About International Trade

Lack of interest and investment despite countless opportunities overseas

flagsNewly-released data shows that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are still hesitant to engage in international trade, despite the vast opportunities in the worldwide marketplace.

In part two of its three-part series to study SMEs’ global trade habits and attitudes, the survey, commissioned by UPS Canada, revealed that 52 per cent of SMEs would not take advantage of a free-trade deal with the EU — not because it’s with the EU, but because they have no interest in engaging in trade activity at all.

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Hogtunes Rides its Way to Success

HogtunesWhen motorcycle owners purchase a bike, they often customize it to make it louder. However, a louder exhaust makes it almost impossible to hear the radio. Mike “Pez” Pesdirz recognized this unique opportunity, and began creating custom audio speakers for Harley Davidson owners. 

Like any new business, things started small. Pez used motorcycle chat rooms to talk about and sell the products. Hogtunes was run out of his basement and Pez was the sole employee. But like any good business, word-of-mouth spread quickly and by 2006, he moved into a warehouse and hired employees. That same year, Pez switched from the courier he had been using to UPS. 

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