Serving Those Who Serve Us All: UPS Signs ESGR Statement of Support
American flags

Today, I am helping to organize a ceremony at UPS headquarters, where UPS will sign the Statement of Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a 40-year U.S. Armed Forces initiative that promotes cooperation and understanding between members of the military and civilian employers. This gives us the opportunity to show the more than 23,500 UPS employees who’ve served – or are now serving – in the Guard or Reserves that we proudly stand behind their service. It gives us an opportunity to say “thank you”.

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Forget Cupid: Use These Valentine’s Day Deals and Discounts to Get Your Shopping Done Now!
Valentine's treats

Dropping the ball on Valentine’s Day is a mistake you make only once—trust me on this. So, if you weren’t nodding your head while reading that sentence, it probably means you haven’t messed up Valentine’s Day yet. Good for you.

Anyway, the moral of the story is plan ahead, shop smart, and take advantage of some killer exclusive UPS deals, and you won’t have to worry about creating the perfect Valentine’s Day. Because seriously, if you just snag a couple of the few sad and scattered items remaining on the shelves on your way home on the 14th, it will not go over well.

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How I Lost 5 Lbs. in One Week as a UPS Holiday Driver Helper
Andrew Hurd

It’s been said that you don’t really know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Well, now that I’ve walked a mile (quite literally) in the shoes of a UPS driver helper, I can say that the work UPS drivers, loaders, and seasonal helpers did to deliver a hassle-free holiday was truly awe-inspiring.

Here at “Big Brown,” it’s normal for rookies such as myself to help out in the operations and hubs during the holidays (in my case the week before Christmas) to get a firsthand experience of “peak”, our busiest time of the year.

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A Month of Giving: Global Volunteer Month 2012 in Review
UPS Global Volunteer Month

The end of October marked the conclusion of the tenth annual Global Volunteer Month at UPS. At the start of the month, UPS set the goal of 195,000 volunteer hours—a goal we met and exceeded with more than 200,000 logged volunteer hours. And while the UPS tradition of giving back to the community continues throughout the year, October represents a highpoint of UPS corporate responsibility and charitable involvement.

Below are a few highlights and a photo album showcasing Global Volunteer Month activities from around the world. Enjoy.

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Global Volunteer Month 2012: Infographic
UPSer volunteering at a coat drive

October 2012 is the tenth consecutive Global Volunteer Month at UPS. While UPS people are encouraged to give back to their communities year-round, Global Volunteer Month mobilizes thousands of UPS employees from every hemisphere in a wide range of volunteer events and activities.

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Making a Difference: Building a House with Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity

I admit it—I am not a morning person. Happiness for me is being able to sleep in on the weekends. So, as my alarm began blaring at me at 6:00 AM on a Saturday morning, it was hard not to wake up feeling a bit grumpy. As I strapped on my boots and put on my volunteer T-shirt emblazoned with the big UPS shield across the back, my grogginess and irritation quickly shifted to pride and enthusiasm (caffeine helped too). Why? Because I knew I wasn’t just giving up some sleep on a weekend; I was going to help make a difference in someone’s life.

That morning I was assisting at the UPS sponsored Habitat for Humanity house build. As the sole sponsor of a new house for the Jacinto family in Woodstock, GA, various UPS departments had been helping with the build each weekend. My department was tasked with painting the interior of the house.

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Funding Dreams
Kendall Boshart

As someone who is fresh out of undergrad and currently dealing with the grad school application process, I’m quite well-versed about just how huge of an obstacle tuition fees can be for many students. I worked two jobs during my undergrad tenure but still needed some outside assistance. Unfortunately, for many this outside help isn’t available.

That’s why programs such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund are so important. During the last 31 years The UPS Foundation has provided nearly $2 million in support to help families and students with the financial and educational resources they need to achieve a college education.

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UPS Celebrates Global Volunteer Month: Video
UPS Global Volunteer Month

For the tenth consecutive year, UPSers around the globe are coming together during October to participate in Global Volunteer Month. Joining with international organizations such as Special Olympics, The United Way, and The Salvation Army, as well as local groups such as animal shelters and soup kitchens, UPS people are working towards a goal of giving 195,000 volunteer hours during the month. Take a look at the video below to hear The UPS Foundation President Ed Martinez introducing Global Volunteer Month.

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Participating in a Cleaner World: Video
UPS carbon neutral shipment

I’ve learned a lot in the six months that I’ve been with UPS. One of the first is that around UPS, sustainability is a pretty big deal. As someone who loves escaping out to the Rockies for the beautiful camping and hiking, I was pleased to see the great sustainability programs we offer like carbon neutral shipping, and the emission offset projects we support like Big River Salmon Creek, Cholburi Wastewater Treatment, and the beautiful Garcia River Forest Project.

Seeing these projects got me thinking: with all the conservation opportunities available worldwide, how do we as a company decide what offset projects to support? Luckily, one of the other things I’ve learned during my time here is that there is no shortage of seriously knowledgeable people, so I knocked on a few doors and got the answers.  

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