“E” is for Excellence and Exporting

ocean cargoIf you talk with Mike McDonald, VP of Operations at Cleveland-based RAD-CON Inc., he would probably say that “E” also stands for Essential. International exporting has been essential to the industrial furnace supplier’s success. In fact, according to Christopher J. Messina, Vice President of Sales and Projects at RAD-CON, “We would have been out of business if it weren’t for exporting, or a much smaller company.” The U.S. Commercial Service reports that RAD-CON’s exports have increased by more than 45% since 2006. RAD-CON has recently been recognized as one of the top performers in U.S. exporting, receiving both the Ohio Governor’s E-Award and one of the most prestigious awards that the government affords to a U.S. business – the Presidential “E” Award.

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