New Terminology, Same Priority: Sustainability Engrained at UPS

Speaking at Fortune Brainstorm Green 2012, UPS COO David Abney described the maturation of sustainability at UPS as a priority for customers, employees, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders in the organization.  

“The terminology [of sustainability] has changed, but it’s changed for very sound business reasons,” Abney said, adding that customers have become a powerful catalyst for sustainability in recent years.  

 “What really has changed is the number of customers looking at us to manage their supply chains from an environmental perspective. Customers were demanding we pay attention (to sustainability),” he said in response to questions from Fortune reporter Geoff Colvin.

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Busting the Myths of Global Trade

UPS Chief Operating Officer David Abney recently spoke to a group of business leaders in San Diego, delivering his own version of the Discovery Channel show “Mythbusters” about global trade.

In his remarks, the UPS chief operating officer addressed increasingly negative perceptions in the United States about trade, focusing on three myths.

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UPS CEO Davis Rallies Leaders Against “Tyranny of Protectionism”

ocean cargoRobust and open global trade drives the world’s economic engine, Scott Davis said in a keynote speech to the America’s Competitiveness Forum Nov. 15 in Atlanta. “Everyone wins when trade flows freely,” he said to a room packed with about 1,000 international business and government leaders including the vice presidents of Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica.

In his remarks, Scott Davis challenged officials to knock down trade barriers and clear the way for more exports as a driver of global economic growth and prosperity. He said the United States should mend fraying ties with both NAFTA trading partners, Canada and Mexico.

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McClure Offers Lessons of Service

On October 21, UPSer Teri McClure joined the ranks of some of the nation’s most respected attorneys. She received the Scales of Justice Award for 2010. Equal Justice Works has given this award every year since 1997 for attorneys who have demonstrated a record of promoting equality, justice, diversity, public service, and pro bono service. Past winners include former U.S. Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and George Mitchell along with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (formerly of The Coca-Cola Co.) and Benjamin Heineman, senior counsel for General Electric.

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