My Inner Inventor
The UPS Store

I admire all of the inventors in the world. Ideas seem to just flow effortlessly into their brains. The problem for many of these inventors, however, is that they’re just ideas. Many of them never do anything with their ideas, and, ultimately, they see their dreams slip through their fingers as someone else takes their idea and makes it a reality.

There are so many inventors out there. Without the proper resources (i.e., capital), it’s difficult for them to achieve their full potential. One thing inventors lack is the know-how to take their idea from concept to creation.

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One Part Know-How, Three Parts Passion – A Recipe for Small Business
Original Nutrionals

It’s Day 5 of National Small Business Week, and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Logan Gelbrich and Chris Coscino, the inspiring young entrepreneurs behind Original Nutritionals from Laguna Beach, Calif.

As a pro ball player, Logan learned to eat with purpose, and he quickly began to see a gap between athletic performance and the public perception of supplements. On the one hand, athletes were hearing “eat real foods” from their trainers, and on the other hand, the public was hearing something different.

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Discovering Nature through the Lens of Fluorescence

It’s Day 4 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day! Meet Charlie Mazel from Bedford, Mass., founder of NIGHTSEA, which provides solutions for viewing and photographing fluorescence underwater, on land, and in the laboratory.

What’s fluorescence, you ask? Simply put, it’s when something glows a visible color when exposed to specific light sources, for example, ultraviolet light. (I apologize to all the scientists out there for my overly simplified explanation.)

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Patient Scrubs: A Prescription for Dignity
I Love Small Business

It’s Day 2 of Small Business Week and we are celebrating by sharing the story of a small business owner each day. Meet Nancy Hart, breast cancer survivor, author and founder of Patient Scrubs in Tennessee. Nancy has been giving patients back their dignity for nearly 10 years through her innovative hospital clothing.

It all started in 2003 when her husband, a retired Florida highway patrolman and sheriff’s deputy, went into surgery. She quickly realized that the hospital clothing provided to her husband didn’t allow for decency, so she hand-stitched an outfit that provided decency and allowed hospital staff easy access to provide the care for her husband.

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Recognizing Small Businesses: The UPS Store Celebrates Small Business Week
I love small business

With Small Business Week just around the corner, The UPS Store is gearing up for a busy week to celebrate small business owners. A few highlights of next week’s activities:

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Small Business Words of Wisdom from “The Toilet Paper Guy”

I recently chatted with Bryan Silverman, co-founder of Star Toilet Paper and winner of Entrepreneur magazine’s College Entrepreneur of 2012, to learn more about his business. Star Toilet Paper is unique – they print advertisements and coupons on a wide range of environmentally friendly toilet paper. Then they supply venues with this printed toilet paper, free of charge, by using the revenue from the advertising side of the company.

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How One Small Business Owner Sketched his Way to Success
The UPS Store

Life’s greatest opportunities often rise from life’s greatest challenges (and even failures). That’s the story of so many small business owners, and that’s certainly the case with Mark Rivard, owner of Rivard Art LLC.

I first learned about Mark when I saw him tweet about packing and shipping some skateboard blanks at his local The UPS Store in Minneapolis. Shortly after, I spoke with Mark and learned more about his passion for art, how his business came to be, and, more importantly, what he’s doing to give back.

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Small Business Twitter Chat Series
Twitter Chats

In the spirit of NCAA® March Madness®, The UPS Store  is hosting a series of one-hour small business Twitter chats to help small business owners “Get in the Game,” “Stay in the Game,” and “Win the Game.” Chat one-on-one with well-known small business experts about overcoming the challenges you face as a business owner.

All Twitter chat participants will be automatically entered to win one of The UPS Store’s new Small Business Tool Kits. Sound good? To be eligible, follow @TheUPSStore and include the hashtag #SBOadvice in your tweets during any of the one-hour chats. Check out our lineup:

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Three Secrets to Success from a New Jersey Small Business

It’s important to enjoy what you do for work, and if you can have fun while doing it – even better.  For Gail and Stacey Rogers, work is not only enjoyable, but it truly is fun. In fact, making sure others are having fun is in the job description!

The mother and daughter team own Toys with Love in Chester, New Jersey.  Says Gail, “It’s not just a place for parents and gift givers to shop; it’s a place for kids to come and have fun.” The store’s business is booming – later this year they plan to move to a larger location across the street to expand their product selection.

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Lending Santa a Hand this Holiday – Holiday Shipping and Packing Tips
Child with sled

With the craziness of Black Friday, the crowded mall parking lots and the seemingly endless wish lists, you’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. You’ve fought the lines and stalked the sales, and now have the perfect gifts to show for your hard work!

But there’s still an important item left on your gift shopping list: getting the items to their new owners. This might be as simple as having Santa leave it under the tree, or you might need to help him with the legwork and ship them yourself. But don’t panic. Luckily, holiday shipping can be the easiest part of the whole process, with some tried-and-true wisdom:

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