Video: Online Package Tracking with Quirky

We’ve come to the end of our series profiling the team at Quirky. In this final video, we hear them describe the advantages of tracking shipments online for both their business and their customers. They also explain how this impacts the fulfillment end of their operation.

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Video: Express Shipping

We’re taking another look at the inner workings in the day-to-day life of the team at Quirky, who certainly lives up to their name. They create funky gadgets and tools, as decided by votes from their user community.

Customers send lots of the items from the website as gifts. And as one of the staffers explains, UPS helps ensure that those items ship out quickly. Take a look and listen to why Quirky says they trust us for express shipments.

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Video: International Shipping with Quirky and UPS

Our video series highlighting social product developers Quirky continues. This week, we’re looking at how they send shipments internationally.

Submitting accurate customs documentation is a critical part of international shipping. Listen to the team at Quirky explain why they like the way we alert them when their customs forms aren’t filled out correctly. 

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Video: Gaining Efficiency

Here’s the next video in our series with Quirky, a company in New York with an unusual business model. They invite amateur inventors to submit concepts for new products, and then ask their user community to vote on which ones should ultimately be created.

One of the ways we support Quirky is with the My UPS address book. It compiles addresses from multiple sources, and even verifies to ensure that each address is correct. It helps Quirky save time and money, avoid data entry errors, and send customers’ shipments quickly.

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Video: Online Invoicing with the UPS Billing Center
UPS Billing Center

Meet Quirky, a company in New York City that manufactures amateur inventions, based on user votes. Even though this is a small business, logistics is a critical part of how they operate. Watch to see how UPS online billing helps Quirky get the job done.

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Video: E-commerce Trends

On Wednesday, UPS Customer Solutions president Jim Coughlan spoke to attendees of the Supply Chain in Action executive forum taking place near Phoenix. The participants were corporate logistics managers from Fortune 1000 companies, as well as academicians and students from universities with logistics programs.

Jim took part in a conversation with other business leaders addressing a range of topics from supply chain practices and trends to how online commerce impacts the global economy. According to comScore, U.S. retail e-commerce spending reached a record $161 billion in 2011.  And Goldman Sachs forecasts e-commerce to be nearly $1 trillion by the end of next year. Before he left, I asked Jim for his thoughts about e-commerce.

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