Tech Talk: The Forefather of the Smartphone As Electronic Road Kill?

It’s only natural that people associate mobile technology with UPS. Why? Mainly because of the nifty handheld computers our drivers carry and ask you to sign when they’re delivering a package that requires your signature. At UPS we call them DIADs – short for Delivery Information Acquisition Devices.

What began more than 20 years ago as a bulky, brown clipboard with a monochrome screen has grown into a sleek, curvy, handheld computer with just about every wireless communications option known to man. You could call the DIAD the forefather of the smartphone.

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Analyze This.

“Analytics” is one of those terms that can make the general public wince. It sounds like so much corporate wonkiness. But if John Q. Public knew that UPS uses analytics to reduce the environmental impact of all those brown delivery trucks, he might be interested in learning more about business analytics. Well, maybe.

A recent issue of DC Velocity magazine pointed out that the emergence of analytics software is a logistics game-changer. UPS couldn’t agree more. We’ve employed analytics with some award-winning results in our small package operation. One of the latest initiatives combines telematics technology with advanced algorithms and proprietary firmware to analyze a stream of data collected from sensors placed on the company’s famous brown delivery trucks. Voila! It’s an analytics application of mega proportions.

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iPhone, Android or Blackberry? UPS has Apps for Them All

At this point, the announcement regarding Verizon’s offering of the iPhone is far from breaking news. Rumors that one of the world’s most popular smart phones was expanding its U.S. exclusivity to partner with the large carrier began circulating years prior to the official announcement made by Verizon this January.

Now, a month later, the media is still flooded with articles and blog postings offering pros and cons to consumers in an effort to help them make informed decisions about which wireless carriers and smart phones are best for their needs. It seems the overall consensus is, “it depends.” The right phone and carrier for each consumer will depend on a variety of factors including their needs, location, habits and budget.

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High-Tech Companies Need High-Impact Logistics

More competition in more places. Pressures to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Fluctuating customer demand. The high-tech industry is changing – and so is the world of logistics.

UPS calls it “change in the chain” and using logistics to adapt to change can give businesses a competitive edge. To outline some of the high-impact logistics that are needed to survive AND thrive in a changing world, UPS is authoring the “Change in the Chain” blog on a new online community for global supply chain professionals in the high-tech industry hosted by EBN at Check it out.

UPS Leads Market with BlackBerry® Shipping App

Tis the season to ship and track and we’ve got an App – or two – for that! In addition to the UPS Mobile™ App for iPhone® released last month, we’re introducing the industry’s first BlackBerry shipping app. Read More »

Shipping? There’s an App for That

Tracking? Finding the nearest UPS location? There’s an app for that, too. No wonder the UPS Mobile™ App for iPhone® became the #1 free business app for the iPhone less than 48 hours after it was released last month. And it’s still topping the charts as we head into the final shopping days before Christmas. Read More »

UPS “Green” Technology Helps Fight Hunger and Feed Millions in the USA

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would say: “Eat your spinach. There are starving kids in Africa!” Well, these days, you don’t have to leave your neighborhood to find people in need. We’re in the deepest recession in a generation with millions of unemployed Americans. That means there’s a lot of hungry people right here at home. So when my colleague Cyndi Brandt at UPS Logistics Technologies told me about Feeding America, I was more than happy to promote how this non-profit organization is using UPS technology to help feed even more people.

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