Family Feuds and Financing

If you read my previous blog, we discussed how family reunions are one of the best places, as painful as they may be, for funding new business ventures. Many small businesses have been funded by eccentric aunts, retired uncles, and infamous family spinsters who protect the family fortune like hound dogs under the front porch.

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A New Reason to Go to That Family Reunion

There is a famous Southern joke which goes something like this…

Question:  Why do Southern guys go to family reunions?
Answer: To meet chicks.

Being a Southerner from Mississippi I suppose I should be offended by this, but the former banker in me says that besides meeting chicks, enjoying great home cooking like fried chicken, hush puppies (not the shoes) and black-eyed peas (not the singing group, although I do listen to them), there is another very important reason for going to family reunions….money!

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