65 of Us Against 60,000 of Them
bug nets

Did you know that UPS has a Beetle Exclusion Team? These “bug busters” work to ensure that Japanese beetles don’t catch a ride on UPS aircraft. They are assigned to all aircraft going to West Coast destinations — regions that are responsible for producing more than 60 percent of the United States’ produce and flowers. The beetles themselves are unable to fly across the Rocky Mountains area and are sometimes transported via airplane to the West Coast where, if untreated, they could be devastating to the nation’s food supplies.

The Japanese beetle invasion around Louisville (where WorldPort is located) and other gateways typically begins in June and lasts for a couple of months.  But due to a mild winter and unseasonably warm temperatures this spring, UPS bug busters are unsure how this season will play out.

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Bringing Hope to Haiti
Jerry Rutherford

The effects of the earthquake that ravaged Haiti in 2010 continue to affect the small island nation and its people. Immediately following the quake, UPS committed $1 million in cash and in-kind shipping to three humanitarian relief organizations: CARE, the Red Cross, and UNICEF to support the victims of Haiti’s earthquake.

UPSers also stepped up to support the Haitian people. Several have been activated as part of the World Food Programme’s Logistics Emergency Team and other have helped through their communities. One such UPSer is Jerry Rutherford, an employee at UPS Worldport.

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‘DC-8 Generation’ Mechanic wins Aviation Industry Award

Being a line maintenance mechanic for nearly 56 years has helped Robert “Bob” Taylor see the world. It has also enabled him to receive the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award, one of the most prestigious awards presented to an aviation employee by the FAA.

The FAA presented Taylor with the award March 28, at the recommendation of his management team in the Las Vegas and Ontario, Calif., gateways.

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