Planning to Meet Our Customers’ Needs

A few weeks ago I went on a weekend trip with my sister to Miami. She’s a New Yorker and I’m from Kentucky, so it took some major planning to get us from two separate cities to one destination, at the same time. The logistics of our trip got me thinking about the planning process. This month UPS will add new flights from Hong Kong to Europe. I wondered what our network planning team has to do to get these flights scheduled and operating. I was certain it was way more complicated than my trip to Florida. My mission was clear: I needed to find out about air network planners and what they must do to launch this new flight.

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Tips to Ship Your Mother’s Day Gifts

The UPS Store Pack and Ship PromiseUPS and Mother’s Day have a lot of connections. On August 28, 1907, UPS was born when Seattle teenager Jim Casey opened a messenger service, in no small part to support his mother. Just a few months later, on May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia began Mother’s Day as a way of reflection and an opportunity to spend time with one’s mother. Over a century later, Mother’s Day has become the third most popular holiday.

In days past, spending time with mom was an easier thing to do. Many people remained in the community where they were born and multi-generational families sometimes lived in one home, just like the Waltons. 

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Bases loaded and heading for home…

quiltThe bases are loaded, there are two outs and the game is tied. My son is at bat and it’s starting to rain. It’s the final game leading into the league championship. It doesn’t help that my son is not Derek Jeter. But he gets up there, stares the batting machine in the eye and swings…he misses. The pitcher loads another ball, here it comes, Alex swings… he makes contact. The runners advance and the Middletown Reds win the game! The rain is pouring now, but the boys don’t care because the drama and excitement will be a memory of a lifetime.

This is a true story that will remain among my favorite memories for many years to come. We all have them, but when the dust settles and the memories start to fade, what do you do with all the leftover “stuff?” Well, consider Campus Quilt.

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UPS Customer Café Press Provides a Personal Touch to Holiday Gifts

Bob Marino, vice president and chief operating officer of Café Press, is tall and slender. He has dark hair and a goatee. While he may not look a lot like jolly old Saint Nick, he has several of the same characteristics: He is full of charisma and energy, has a band of merry elves who keep his factory running, makes gifts for all those who are naughty and nice and most importantly… has a big brown “sleigh,” better known as a UPS truck, there to support him. Read More »


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