Rock-Solid Performance by UPSer Gets the Show on the Road
Murrary Wihlidal

Jerry Ross (aka The Compass Guy) originally shared this story at The Compass blog. It’s the first story in our month-long series of UPSers as Everyday Heroes.

Little ditty about Jack and Diane, two American kids growin’ up in the heartland.
Here’s how a UPS guy – a bit of a star – saved the day for a customer with a boat and a car.
Oh yeah, life goes on … our guy solved the problem with his brains and his brawn.
Oh yeah, life goes on … and service might improve when your former shipper has gone …
I admit it. The Compass Guy is no superstar when it comes to playing guitar. But I enjoy trying. And John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” is a favorite because it’s an easy, simple classic. Without doubt, it’s definitely a tune worth turning the amplifier up to 11 for – when Mrs. Compass Expert is out of the house, anyway.

Now, UPS folks don’t enjoy a reputation as being the best in the business for nothing. And Murray Wihlidal, a UPS supervisor in Canada, is a rockin’ example of how the folks in brown also can turn it up to 11 – or even 12 – when it really counts.

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An Invitation from UPS: Join the Conversation at Compass Online

It’s no surprise the emergence of the company blog has been a breath of fresh air. And not just for customers, but also for UPS staff, who have jumped on the opportunity to communicate with customers in a less formal setting.

The recent relaunch of another UPS website, Compass Online, which offers UPS product news and business insights, aimed particularly at ambitious small- and mid-sized customers, now goes a step further. Compass has now put its highly valued visitors in the driver’s seat and invites them to drive the truck.

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