What the Craft: Repurposing Your Cardboard Boxes
holiday crafts

Like so many others these days, we are sometimes unable to steal away to visit family who require travel to celebrate the holidays. Luckily though, for both parties, we get to shop ‘til we drop and ship presents all over the place in time for the big day of merriment. But what in the world am I to do (besides offer the recycling truck driver job security) with all of those boxes?!

Well, my wheel’s started turning when The UPS Store contacted me to share my personal reuse of all of the packaging that piles up from the holiday celebration. Some years, if the box is sturdy enough, it becomes the new home for all of the post-Christmas decoration shopping I do with my mom and sisters. Most years, however, they just go right in the big blue can and down to the curb on Friday. This year, I’ve decided to do something a little more creative.

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