The Safety Brothers: An Interview
Walt and David Klein

Two brothers at UPS have mastered the art of icy sidewalks, antisocial dogs and phantom mailboxes. Walt Klein has achieved 41 years of safe driving (the most in the district’s history for a delivery driver). His brother, David Klein, has 36 years of safe driving.  With their records combined, they have been driving safely for over 75 years.  Day in and day out, the brothers have accumulated over one million miles delivering packages without so much as a scratch on them or their vehicle.

The brothers sat down to discuss their accomplishments and their introduction to driving—a tractor on the family farm.

Where did you grow up?

BOTH: Grandville, Iowa, part of Sioux County.

How was your dad when you all were growing up?  Was he the type that didn’t talk a lot and focused mainly on taking care of the farm?

DAVE: He was very geared towards work, but he never wanted us to do a half job. “You do the job and do it right,” is what he always said. He pushed us hard in regards to work ethic.

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