The Personal “Logistics” Behind Celebrating Chinese New Year
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The Chinese New Year has always been about the reunion with family and relatives. Chinese from all over the world would return home to be with their families. Well, in Singapore it is no different. This Chinese New Year, I know of several overseas friends and colleagues who will be returning to Singapore for their reunions.

As for me and many Singaporean Chinese families, it’s all about coordinating the timing for each activity. It used to be so much easier before I was married. I just follow the schedule as set out by my parents on who to visit and when.

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Asia SMEs See Importance of Logistics to Their Success

Supply Chain ChartOne of the key findings of the UPS Asia Business Monitor 2010 is that small and medium enterprises (SME) in Asia Pacific recognize the importance of supply chain management to their overall business success.

When 1,350 SMEs decision makers were asked how they view supply chain management, only 5 percent said they do not believe supply chain management has a role in their business success.

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Road Safety Education Starts Young

It started with an email from the community service committee just two days before our Global Volunteer Month activity. The email tells volunteers to check their names on a list and their assigned roles, and to look under the reserved list if we can’t find our names.

We had a problem, but it was a good problem. Too many UPSers have volunteered to support the TOUCH Young Arrows in their Road Safety Education programme.

In all, 75 UPSers showed up at the Road Safety Park in Singapore to support 25 TOUCH Young Arrows. These 25 children came from low income or single parent families. Many of them have little or no parental care and are at risk of falling into bad company.

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