“Students: Think Less Like Americans”

In a smaller, more connected world, students must become global thinkers.

As college students all across the United States settle into the new school year — some of whom are there to receive their final year of instruction before graduation — I have what may seem a strange bit of advice:

Try to think less like an American.

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Five Ways to Convince Your CFO that Sustainability Pays

UPS Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn is the author of an opinion piece published on the GreenBiz site:

CFOs haven’t been at the center of the corporate sustainability movement. After all, people usually think of us as bean counters, not social activists. But in my job as CFO, sustainability is a strategic imperative. And it should be for your CFO, too. But it’s up to you, as someone who cares about sustainability, to convince your chief financial leader that sustainability matters.

In the wake of the global recession, the CFO’s role has shifted from fancy accountant to co-driver of corporate strategy. We can’t just worry about quarterly results; we must focus on long-term growth strategies, which are inseparable from economic, social and environmental issues. A CFO’s job is about using resources wisely and ensuring that an enterprise can thrive for decades to come. That makes sustainability part of a CFO’s remit.

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