A Golden Opportunity: UPS Sponsors the Fortune Brainstorm GREEN Conference

This week, top environmentally-minded business leaders and the green movement’s brightest thinkers will convene in Laguna Niguel California for Fortune Magazine’s fourth Brainstorm GREEN conference. UPS is a gold sponsor of the event.

The decision to sponsor this prestigious event signals a sort of debutante ball for UPS. The company has quietly been building its reputation as a sustainability leader integrating green strategies into its business model and operations. UPS also has been a behind-the-scenes industry advocate for transparency – comprehensively and quantitatively reporting environmental impact in the annual sustainability report, with the Carbon Disclosure Project and other groups.

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Logistics and Haiti: Points of Light and President Bush

Two years ago, Transportation Manager Chip Chappelle volunteered to help The UPS Foundation coordinate an ocean shipment of emergency tents from Indiana to Honduras.  Since then, he has managed the logistics of humanitarian aid from every corner of the world to help the victims of floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and cyclones.

On March 21, Chip was recognized by President George W. Bush at a gala event at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., which aired March 28 on NBC. The event celebrated President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara for their achievements in encouraging volunteerism. A video shown at the event showcased how UPSers and UNICEF worked together around the clock to rapidly respond to the needs of Haiti earthquake victims.

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UPS Helps Japan Recovery, Pledges $1 Million in Logistics Support

Joe Ruiz with The UPS Foundation

For the last four days, The UPS Foundation’s Joe Ruiz has been on the phone. His job is to figure out how UPS can best leverage its transportation network, humanitarian logistics teams and funds to help the victims of Friday’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

Joe has been working with UPSers in Japan to assess whether the roads are good enough to reach the most damaged areas of the country. He’s been talking to colleagues at UPS Airlines to determine whether flights can reliably go in and out of Narita Airport outside Tokyo. Joe also has been coordinating with UPS’s relief partners around the world to determine if they need UPS resources, such as airlift, staff and facilities. Read More »

Green Shopping (And Shipping) Made Easy!
Climate Counts

Every year Climate Counts, an environmental advocacy group, publishes its rankings on which companies are positively addressing climate change. For the second year, UPS tops the list for consumer shipping. The timing couldn’t be better for our customers who care about the environment. It’s the holiday season and shopping and shipping is in full force.

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Show me the Numbers! Sustainability Reports Have to Be Credible.

2009 UPS Sustainability Report coverToday we launched our seventh sustainability report. It’s chock full of information about our environmental programs, philanthropy, products and services, and economic performance. Much of the information that appears here can’t be found anywhere else.

My view is that credible annual sustainability reports are essential for companies that want to be seen as leaders in corporate responsibility. That thought is echoed on the video by Bob Stoffel, the senior vice president who oversees sustainability at UPS.

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UPS Carbon Neutral: One Measly Nickel for the Planet

UPS Hybrid Electic VehicleThis month, UPS expanded its carbon neutral shipping program to 35 countries and territories. Millions more UPS customers now have the option to pay a small fee to calculate and offset the carbon emissions associated with their shipments.

A blogger Heather on the was skeptical about the program, and did some due diligence about the offering. She asked about where the extra money goes, how the carbon is calculated and why we chose the Garcia River Project as one of our first offset beneficiaries.

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Earth Day 2010: Who Cares?

Yes, it’s that time of year when corporations of all sizes and shapes paint themselves green and brag about their environmental friendliness. On April 22, thousands of press releases will spread like vines across the internet – touting everything from the latest non-toxic pure-as-water cleaners, to big checks to plant forests in faraway lands, to feel-good tips for saving the planet.

As a proponent of all things sustainable here at UPS, I should be grateful for the rising chorus of environmental advocates. But I’m not. I resent them – every single one.

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UPS Isn’t Hiring 25,000 Drivers Today

Sometimes a headline can leave the wrong impression.

A story on says that UPS is hiring 25,000 drivers. The headline is attached to a summary of a Wall Street Journal story about UPS’s state-of-the-art driver training program designed to serve future generations of drivers.

The Wall Street Journal correctly noted that UPS expects 25,000 “Baby Boomer” drivers to retire over the next five years.  But UPS replaces its retiring drivers from the ranks of part-time sorters already working for the company.

So, the truth is we don’t have 25,000 driver jobs open. All the current UPS jobs available are posted at

Too bad Yahoo got it wrong and raised the hopes of hundreds of job seekers.

In 2010, Mandatory Carbon Reporting Is No Longer a Blue-Sky Issue; Businesses Need to Take Action For Their Own Operational Gains

In the wake of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, debate continues about the progress made regarding mandatory greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) targets around the world. But the real action may be closer to home.  2010 will mark the inauguration of more mandatory GHG and carbon emissions reporting for both businesses and government agencies. Read More »

Logistics in Haiti: UPSers Feed the Supply Chain and Haiti’s Children

UPS and UNICEF volunteers box up clothing for Haitian children.This weekend was busy for UPSers focused on helping Haiti:

  •  In Miami, more than 50 UPS volunteers boxed up over 2,000 cartons full of blankets, sleeping mats and towels in a UPS warehouse  
  • In Carteret, NJ volunteers from UNICEF and UPS boxed up 2,000 sets of underwear, shirts, shorts, sandals, toothbrushes and toothpaste Read More »

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