Historical Recognition Video: Can You Help?

It started with a single piece of a paper.

At age 14, my grandfather showed me a yellowed note written by his father. It was a listing of my great-grandfather’s grandparents, their children and their grandchildren. On the top of the paper was a note that my great-great-great grandparents came from Laurel County, KY about 1878. My curiosity was piqued. I had to know more.

The curiosity has turned into a lifelong hobby. I have researched family history since, and the journey has taken me across the country meeting amazing long-lost cousins. Rallying descendants from various lines of my heritage, we’ve erected tombstones for several ancestors who never had them. I’ve written books about my family. I documented family lines of those forefathers who served in the American Revolution and later joined the Sons of the American Revolution.

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Free Webinar: There is an ‘I’ in Team
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The first time I heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in team,” I was a sprightly little thing playing kickball in elementary school. Even during those formative years, we were encouraged to think in terms of the bigger team picture, and Coach McCord tried to make certain we all had a fair chance to have skin in the game. He stressed that we weren’t “individuals,” but part of a whole “team” working toward a common purpose.

But life’s much different from those days on the dusty playground. Fast forward a couple of decades.  Although I understand where Coach was going with his analogy for us wee little second and third graders, the metaphor doesn’t always quite work in the real world.

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