Going Social? Takeaways for Small Businesses to Get the Most Out of Social Media: Video
social media makeover forum

On May 8th, UPS sponsored the Social Media Makeover in Charlotte, NC.  Three businesses received a “makeover”, or practical, actionable advice from a panel of both big and small businesses that have been successful in engaging their customers and growing their business through social media platforms. 

Watch this video to hear about the top take-aways from the event.

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Long Time UPS Small Business Customer to Get Social Media Makeover
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Could your small business use a social media makeover? Would it benefit from a consultation with social media experts to help you redirect your efforts, recalibrate your strategy and ultimately achieve results that meet your business objectives?

That’s what’s happening to Charlotte-based Medichest, a health and beauty aid e-commerce site and long-time UPS customer.  

It has been selected to be one of three small companies featured at the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum this May 8th in Charlotte.

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UPS Joins Inc. to Offer Advice for Small Businesses
UPS Joins Inc. to Offer Advice for Small Businesses

Growth is always a hot topic for entrepreneurs and small businesses on the move. Inc. magazine has joined UPS to host a series of events with the common theme, Delivering Growth. CEOs from the magazine’s 5000 list offer personal and financial tips on growing businesses.

Small business owners in Atlanta and Houston have already learned how to develop joint ventures, expand products and services and successfully market their brand. The next live event will be in San Diego on December 13 to discuss Delivering Growth Internationally. Panelists will share how to find resources for export and custom regulations. If you can’t make it to California, you can join the session online at:

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Logistics Helps Deliver a Social Media Makeover for Small Businesses
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Ever wonder how social media can really work for you in the business world?  I have.  I mean I get the power of social media in boosting (or ruining) your personal brand if you are a celebrity,  politician, or consultant, but if you’re a small business with two or more employees, how do you use it to grow your business? 

As an advocate for small businesses, I’m always interested in ways UPS can help companies grow. That’s why I’m excited UPS is one of the sponsors of The Social Media Makeover Forum on November 8, 2011 in downtown Atlanta at the Centergy Building.

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