President Obama Visits UPS
President Obama speaks at a UPS facility in Las Vegas

UPS recognized as a leader in sustainability

For the second time in 10 months President Obama visited a UPS facility to commend us for our innovations and commitment to sustainability. “UPS deserves extraordinary credit for being the best in its space,” he said. “One of the best businesses we have in the United States. But the reason is because it’s got such outstanding workers constantly figuring out how to make things better.  And so you guys all need to be congratulated for everything that you do.”

Prior to President Obama’s arrival, UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis delivered a speech to the assembled crowd of more than 500 employees, legislators, community leaders and customers. He emphasized UPS’s commitment to sustainable business practices and how alternative fuel vehicles are an increasingly important part of our large fleet. Scott also spoke about our involvement with the Ontario-Las Vegas natural gas corridor, and how the public and private sectors can work together to advance our nation’s energy security and improve our environment.

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