At UPS, Throwing Packages is No Laughing Matter
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Recently there have been videos circulating on the Web showing drivers from various delivery companies, including UPS, mishandling packages. Some of these videos have even been used as comedic fodder for late night talk shows. But at UPS, this kind of conduct is no laughing matter. Throwing a package is inexcusable and UPS does not tolerate it under any circumstances.

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A Tale of Corporate Facts

UPS 767Month in and month out – if you had to guess – what single item in a company’s digital pressroom do you think would be the most read? The bio of the CEO? Who’s on the Board of Directors? The photo gallery? What’s the dividend?

Would you believe none of the above?

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UPS Legacy of Reinventing Itself

UPS package carsOne of the things I admire about UPS is its willingness – despite a very strong, structured culture – to embrace change when necessary.  UPS will turn 103 years old this year and in that time, it’s developed and pursued five different business plans that required transformation. Read More »

Welcome to the upside!

This corporate blog is meant to be your window into UPS, an opportunity to meet a lot of people in addition to the individual drivers who deliver your packages.  Standing behind those front-line drivers are thousands of enthusiastic UPSers who strive to serve their customers and communities, working together across time zones and more than 200 countries and territories. Read More »

10 Years as a Public Company

UPS celebrated its 102nd birthday last August but it marked another milestone earlier this month—10 years as a public company.

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