Small Business Profile: Wike Bicycle Trailers Goes from a Basement to Across the Globe

I enjoy riding my bike every chance I get.  It’s a great form of exercise; it also helps keep the roads less congested and sets a positive, active example for my children. They’ve even started tagging along on their bikes when I go for a run!

Wike Bicycle Trailers is looking to make our world healthier and more sustainable. With an end goal of getting more people cycling rather than driving, Wike introduces people to new uses for bicycles – from using their trailers to transport pets, groceries and equipment to helping disabled triathletes compete.

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You Never Give Up; Neither Do We
Joe's Grocery

Small businesses are essential to driving the global economy. In fact, many of the big name brands we love today started off as small businesses – even UPS.

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, I recall a sea of small businesses servicing our local neighbourhood. There was everything you’d ever need — a convenience store, bakery, dry cleaner, pharmacy, barber shop, small hardware store and several restaurants. However, the one business that always comes to mind when thinking about my youth is a local grocery store called Joe’s Grocery.

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Mompreneurs Make it Happen
Janet Weldon

Being the immigrant of a traditional blue collar European family, I had a first-hand glimpse into the challenges of motherhood. My mother played a very important role in our household, supporting the family at home as well as providing for us financially. She worked a regular job, and together with my father planned for our future. My mother taught me the value of hard work—displaying the spirit, commitment, and work ethic of a true entrepreneur.

In Canada, these inspiring “mompreneurs” are more than just a growing demographic. Statistics Canada recently estimated that women account for 80% of new business owners, and a large percentage of these women are mothers. And a study by the Calgary Mompreneur Networking Group recently noted that many mompreneurs are under the age of 40. This means that they have young families, and as any parent of a young family knows, finding time to streamline business processes (or for just about anything else for that matter) is never easy.

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