See More, Hear Less: New UPS Vehicles in Germany

A new generation of UPS package cars has arrived

It’s called the P70. It’s larger than a P60 but smaller than a P80 and a lot newer than both of them. UPS, Mercedes and our package car body manufacturer Spier presented the newest generation of the UPS package car at the Hanover Motor show in Germany last September.

Customers in Germany will start seeing these new vehicles on the road in the coming months and years.  Here’s what makes them great:

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How UPS Delivers on the Red Carpet with Returns
Stockholm Film Festival logo

Ever since Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy captured the attention of worldwide movie-goers, one thing is clear to everybody: Swedish cinema is hot. The newest films from Sweden and selected movies from the rest of the world make it to the annual Stockholm International Film Festival where they are seen by over 130,000 visitors. How do all these films get into the nine Stockholm cinemas hosting the festival? One word: UPS.

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It’s Official: UPS has the Most Beautiful Warehouse in the Netherlands

UPS healthcare distribution centre in Roermond, NL“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  With those famous words, Keats could have referred to many things but a logistics warehouse probably was not what he had in mind. In his lifetime, warehouses were little more than large buildings used for storing agricultural produce, fabrics and manufactured goods.

Recognising the growing importance and prevalence of warehouses in modern society, for the last three years Dutch logistics magazine Nieuwsblad Transport has been running a competition to find “The Most Beautiful Warehouse in the Netherlands.”  A few days ago, my colleagues and I were excited to learn that the winner of the 2010 ‘beauty pageant’ is UPS!

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Fashion in Belgium: to Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

When I was asked to set up a project around UPS and fashion in Belgium last year, I genuinely believed I was the last person they should be asking. It’s true, UPS is a good partner for the fashion industry: we’re both active on a global scale and we both thrive on speed to market. The look and style of our vans and uniforms is something of a fashion statement, too. And while we shouldn’t hesitate to tell the world about this, my personal fashion sense is, well, limited to say the least. My idea of cutting-edge is wearing a bright blue tie on a black shirt.

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