100 Electric Vehicles Begin Their Journey to Save 126,000 Gallons of Fuel Per Year
UPS Electric Vehicle

Although Californians take great pride in the green initiatives the state likes to roll out for the sake of Mother Earth, there is still a learning curve with many of the new ordinances. You’ll still hear a few disgruntled shoppers loading their bagless groceries into their cars because they forgot that stores now charge 10 cents for single-use plastic bags. And there are quite a few of us who still break out into a sweat trying to determine if our trash should be deposited into the compostable, recyclable or landfill receptacle.

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Orange and Black Make Brown. Who Else Would the Giants Have Called?

The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series Championship and the City by the Bay wasted no time hosting a welcome party for the team and its fans. With two days’ notice, UPS put its best coordination foot forward and became the exclusive provider of vehicles chosen by parade organizers to haul the festive but cumbersome floats down the parade route. Amidst the cable cars and classic cars, UPS brown vehicles joined the army that would pull off the ticker tape parade for which generations of San Franciscans had waited 52 years.

The question on everyone’s mind seemed to be, “What in the world is UPS doing here?” Haven’t people realized it yet? UPS is everywhere and we do almost everything.

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