Canadian Businesses Choose Patriotism Over Profit, Even as Foreign Competition Heats Up

A strong majority of Canadian business decision-makers say they would rather pay more money to buy materials from Canadian suppliers than source less expensive goods from overseas to widen profit margins.

The revelations come out of the third and final phase of a series of surveys conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of UPS Canada that shows 63% of businesses would prefer to support their fellow domestic enterprises even if doing so means being less cost effective.

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Getting Involved: UPS Sets the Bar, Challenges Canadians

Every year, 12.5 million Canadians volunteer their time to charitable and non-profit organizations.  How would the non-profit sector survive without this kind of assistance?  Or without the small group of Canadians –12% of the population – who contribute 78% of the volunteer hours tallied?

Volunteers shape our communities, so that we can happily call them “home.” They help to make parks safe for kids, help fight illiteracy, help build homes, and run for cancer.  Volunteerism like this is not a new or trendy concept to UPS. It is one of the company’s core values to help strengthen the communities in which its employees live and work. 

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In Calgary, New UPS Hub Delivers For Customers and Local Economy

UPS CalgaryAsk and you will receive. UPS Calgary employees have long awaited the opening of their new facility. Today we celebrate this opening along with customers, local government, media and the Calgary Fiddlers.

Picture a football field, now multiply that by two-and-a-half and you have the size of this new hub.  There are more than three kilometers of conveyor belts in the building – that’s longer than my routine coffee run to the Tim Horton’s around the corner!  This new airport hub will double the previous centre’s processing capability and allow us to expand our delivery capacity for the next 10 years. It is going to change the way UPS serves Calgary customers, and in turn, how they will serve their customers.   

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