Meet UPS Ambassador Troy Calhoun
Troy Calhoun

I love October.  Leaves are turning, temps are dropping, and college football starts getting really serious.  As a UGA alum (’82) who watched Herschel Walker romp ‘tween the hedges many an autumn Saturday, nothing warms my heart more than a cool fall day in October.  Showdown Saturdays.  Huge conference rivalry games.  Vegging on the sofa watching endless hours of football.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.  And for all of us college football fans, UPS is making the 2012 college football season even better by adding some great game-changer ambassadors: ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit,  ESPN Analyst Desmond Howard, Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly and Air Force Academy Head Coach Troy Calhoun.

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“Getting” Carbon Offsetting: Infographic
Garcia River Forest

For a long time, the term “carbon offsetting” sounded to me like vague corporate speak. I had little or no idea what it really meant, and struggled to understand it. But when our video team at UPS was tasked with producing a video project centered around carbon offsetting at the Garcia River Forest, I finally had something tangible to (forgive the tree-hugging pun) “put my arms around.” 

It suddenly seemed incredibly simple. Our carbon offset program at UPS is used to support projects such as the forestry efforts at Garcia River, and the trees in the Garcia River Forest suck carbon dioxide from the environment. At last, we had something visual – and real – to help tell the very non-visual story of what carbon offsetting actually is, and does.  

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Beyond Katrina: Saluting The Spirit of UPS People

In early October of 2005, I went to New Orleans, just five weeks after Hurricane Katrina, to document the stories of the UPSers who were working so hard to get their lives and UPS’s business up and running again. I witnessed many images that will stick with me….the mountainous piles of debris on every corner….the black hearses parked in a grassy median (apparently in an attempt to avoid the flooding), all lined up and pointing directly to the Superdome and its partially destroyed roof. And the images of UPSers faces … people hurting, struggling, but fighting to regain their lives. In the six days I spent in New Orleans, I learned a great deal about our company and our people. I hope the video that resulted from my trip, Beyond Katrina: Saluting The Spirit of UPS People, adequately captured the heart and soul of what makes UPS people great.

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